Better Life Counseling Center helps equip parents with the skills they need for raising healthy, happy kids through their Parenting for a Better Life (PFBL) program. PFBL is designed for parents, guardians, families and adults who wish to grow in their knowledge and skills, utilizing a nurture based model.  Participants can complete the program in individual, couple or family formats, over the course of 3-5 counseling sessions.

Attending participants will learn how to:

• Increase parent/guardian sense of self-worth, personal empowerment, empathy, bonding, and attachment to children.

• Increase use of alternative strategies to harsh and abusive disciplinary practices.

• Increase parents’ knowledge of age-appropriate developmental expectations for children and adolescents.

• Increase knowledge of and utilization of healthy parenting concepts related to: planning and structure, hygiene, use of technology, communication skills and respect.

• Reduce child exposure to various forms of abuse and neglect.
All group sessions will be held at the offices of Better Life Counseling Center 1605 James Street. Please contact the office for dates and times of upcoming group sessions beginning in March 2016.

Contact our office at (870) 935-4673 for additional information or email tevins@betterlife.org.

Classes will be scheduled as needed, call the office at (870) 935-4673 to find out the next available class.