Counseling Approach

Counseling is about growth! Growth may include healing past wounds, developing confidence and skills to better cope with current life stressors, or pursuing desired goals—individual, relational, spiritual, etc…  In the confidential setting of a comfortable office you can talk freely with a trusted and experienced counselor to help you achieve growth in your life.  At BLCC we believe that all people possesses a number of strengths that can be utilized to pursue positive change.

Spiritual Integration

At Better Life Counseling Center we take time to assess and explore personal beliefs and values present in each client’s life and what role they wish for spirituality to play in the therapeutic process.  For many Christian clients, belief in God is foundational to identity and lifestyle and central to the processes of healing, coping and decision making.  Accordingly, our counselors provide guidance and resources that support personal spiritual growth and reconciliation in broken or strained relationships.


“I had sought help with life and marital issues before. It is hard to get started with counseling because you just can’t be sure if it will be helpful. I carried the phone number for BLCC in my cell phone for a year before I made the call for an appointment. I regret that I waited so long. Better Life Counseling Center is very appropriately named. My husband and I have received excellent care to improve our 30 year marriage. They have truly helped us-mind, heart and spirit. We are so fortunate to have this center in Craighead county. It has and continues to give me a better life. I wish the same for everyone.”

BLCC client – Susan

“When I originally came to BLCC for counseling my life was out of control and felt hopeless. I came in with a 20 year struggle with pornography that almost cost me everything including my marriage and family. I now have 6 months of sobriety from porn addiction and am slowing working to rebuild trust in my relationships. The support, resources, and accountability that BLCC provided was a real life saver!”

BLCC client- Roger

“I’ve got to admit when I first began counseling I was skeptical as to whether it could be helpful for me. I had all of these pre-conceived ideas about what counseling is about that proved to be false once I took that step and began the process. I’ve come to learn that counseling is about having a positive relationship in your life to give you encouragement and support. That is something that I think most people could benefit from at some point in their life.”

BLCC client- Rodrick