BLCC offers a variety of intensive counseling options for couples and dealing with challenging circumstances that cannot be adequately addressed through traditional weekly therapy. If you are experiencing one of the following circumstances, intensive counseling may be recommended:

•    Couples contemplating separation or divorce.
•    Couples in crisis following the discovery of broken trust or betrayal such as an affair.
•    Couples who have not experienced meaningful connection and intimacy for extended periods of time.
•    Couples with limited time/logistical concerns who find it difficult to attend weekly therapy.
•    Couples who have not had success with previous attempts at marriage counseling.

Intensive Counseling Options
•    1-day intensive: 6 hours total consisting of two, 3-hour blocks.
•    Weekend intensive (Friday/Saturday): 6 hours each day: 12 hours total.
•    Weekly Intensive: Consists of 4 separate 3 hour sessions over a 4-week period: 12 hours total.