Better Life Counseling Center, Inc. is a nonprofit, outpatient, non-denominational Christian counseling center for individuals, couples, and families. Our staff is comprised of highly trained and State Board licensed therapists. Underlying our strong commitment to quality psychotherapy is a Christian perspective, which influences the treatment of spiritual, relational, and mental health issues.

BLCC counselors believe in creating a safe, confidential environment for individuals, couples, and families to share their story. We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, but rather take time understand and respond to the specific needs of each client. Upon entering into a therapeutic relationship, we work with clients in a collaborative process to pursue healing, personal growth, and relational goals.


Established in 1996, Better Life Counseling Center is located at 1605 James Street on the campus of Southwest Church of Christ in Jonesboro, AR. Originally founded as an outreach of Southwest, today BLCC is a 501c3 corporation with an expanded base of support to include other area churches and individuals within the community.

Early in our existence, BLCC established a Samaritan Fund to assist in reducing the out-of-pocket expenses of those in need based on income and circumstances. Thanks to the generosity of donors, the Samaritan Fund has provided over $1.3 Million in financial assistance and 27,000 hours of counseling to individuals and families.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission
To help individuals and families find a better life by strengthening families, nurturing parents and children, and building marriages

Our Vision
To be the leader in providing individual, marriage, and family therapy using a Christian-based, family systems approach.